At Mercuroid Studio we offer a variety of different services, need mixing of your track, band or composition? We will make sure to get the best results possible using HQ gear and techniques. Already have the mix done and only need a professional mastering before releasing it to the world? At Mercuroid Studio we offer fast and top notch mastering of your music to make it ready for CD, Spotify, iTunes and all other platforms. Think we can help you with something else? Contact me here!



We will mix your track for you. In order to do this we will need all the channels bounced as stems, or all the recordings of your band in stems. After our first meeting we will start your mixdown. When this is done you're more then welcome to come to the studio and do the finishing touches together!


Already have the mixdown done? We will provide fast and HQ audio mastering to fit the market standard. We'll make sure your track sounds perfect on all systems and it ready to release on CD, Spotfy, iTunes and all other platforms.

Stem Mastering

Did the mixdown but want to have a few finishing touches done by us? With stem mastering you will provide use with 5 to 6 stems so we can ajust small mixdown issues easier. And make a crystal clear master of your track.

Feedback Services

Want us to listen to your track and give you some tips & tricks to make your mixdown and track better? We will listen to your track on our HQ studio monitoring system and provide you with one page of tips & tricks for your track. Of course it's also possible to come to the studio and listen to it together!

Finishing touch

Is your track almost ready but are you stuck with a few final parts? Let us give you some help. We will compose the final parts of your track and sent it back to you. This way you can play around with the sounds we made for your track and make them your own. No worries, no need to give us credit in your song.

Movie music production

Need music for a movie, short film, documentary or sound design for a NFT? Contact me here to talk about the possibilities.


Pricing is different per service, genre and wishing. Download the list below for insight on mixing & mastering services.

The prices may be different for your project or wishes, please keep this in mind.

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