Always wanted to learn how to produce music? Or you want to upgrade your skills in sound design, mixing or mastering? Come visit Mercuroid Studio or take a online course with Kaymon! All the courses below are possible online, so it doesn't matter where in the world you are! All lessons are offered in English & Dutch and will include alot of samples and other stuff you can use in your projects.

When booking a course, coaching or service, you will get a discount voucher for DesignGBR. Here you can get all your visuals, artwork, logo designs and much more! Check out his work here



You can contact me here to plan our first lesson!


Music Production for beginners

Learn the basics of Studio One 5 or Ableton Live and start making the music you love for yourself! In this course we will focus on learning the basics of a DAW (digital audio workstation), using audio samples and sound design with synthesizers! After this course you'll be ready to start your first track!

Music Production for intermediate

You already know your way around your DAW, LFOs and Envelopes? But you want to lift your skills to the next level? In this course we will look at the more in-depth sound design techniques & effect processing.

Mixing Course

Want to know how you can finalize your tracks and making it sound absolutely perfect? In this course you will learn how to mix a finished track to get it ready for releasing it to the world. Learn what EQs, compressors, saturation, distortion and much more you can use to make your track sound crystal clear. We will be taking a look into a professional mixed track and work together on the mixdown of your own music.

Sound Design Course

In this course we will take a look at different synthesizers and techniques to create your own sound. Virtual & analoque synthesizers and how to use this in your workflow. But also sound design with samples and sample libraries are included in this course.

Artist Coaching

With coaching we will look to the otherside of making music. How to get your music heard, use of social media marketing, sending out demos and dealing with record labels. And much more

DJ Course (only on location)


Coming Soon!


Mastering Course


Coming Soon!



The pricing of our lessons depends per course. We offer discounts for children under 18.

Pricing for artists that want to learn PsyTrance also pay a different price. Because I will go more in-depth and reveal tips and tricks I use in my own production. I will also provide you with free samples, presets and more that is created in Mercuroid Studio and provide you with contacts of logo design, recordlabels and bookings agency.




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