Mercuroid - Ayita will be out on 02-12-2022 on all platforms worldwide.


Released on Expo Records


Mercuroid is the cutting-edge psychedelic trance project by Kaymon Teunissen, a producer & musician with years of experience. Currently living in The Netherlands.

Kaymon started his music career at young age playing lead guitar in metal & rock bands. Later on he fell in love with electronic music, especially PsyTrance. He started his journey with the debut EP called 'Mahapralaya' on Dacru Records. Under his old artist name Resonance. After a year of making new tunes, he decided to start a new project called ‘Mercuroid’.

While writing the track ‘Reflections’, Kaymon fell in love with the deep, atmospheric music and gained alot of inspiritation from the track. This was the starting point of his new and unique style, focussing on HQ basses and huge melodic sequences.

Hitting the Top 100 with all his releases and working together with the biggest labels like Iboga Records & Sacred Technology. Later on he joined forces with his home label Expo Records based in South Africa. Expect a lot of deep, melodic tracks with ancient native american names and meaning on this label.

With his dark, psychedelic and twisted live sets he takes you on a journey into the unknown!


New studio is ready!


Date Venue Country
21-08-2022 New Healing Festival Germany
26-11-2022 Psychedelic Rave The Netherlands
28-01-2023 The Mystic Dream The Netherlands
25-03-2023 T.B.A Switzerland
15-04-2023 The Mystic Dream The Netherlands