Summer is around the corner!
Here’s my complete summer 2023 tour schedule. Can’t wait to see so many beautiful dancefloors, new countries and smiling faces .
Absolutely amazing to play my music for so many different people, feeling super grateful and I wanna thank everyone involved in making this happen
Starting of the summer tour in Germany this weekend! Ready to test some new tunes from my upcoming album. See you there!


Mercuroid, also known as Kaymon Teunissen, is an electronic music producer based in The Netherlands. Mercuroid formed in early 2017, with a musical code that can be identified by its storytelling atmosphere, melodic breakdowns, high quality sound design and pounding beats. Mercuroid's music can be heard on dancefloors all around the globe and has moved countless feet with his unique musical formula.



Date Venue Country
27.05.2023 Tante Emmas Germany
10.06.2023 T.B.A Serbia
01.07.2023 The Mystic Dream The Netherlands
15.07.2023 Shankra Festival Switzerland
15.07.2023 Oogst Festival The Netherlands
11.08.2023 Kit Kat Club Berlin Germany
23.08.2023 T.B.A Spain
02.09.2023 PsyLake Festival Switzerland
23.09.2023 The Mystic Dream The Netherlands
13.10.2023 T.B.A Canada
21.10.2023 The Flying Mystic Switzerland
15.11.2023 - 30.11.2023 India Tour India
02.12.2023 The Mystic Dream The Netherlands
31.12.2023 T.B.A T.B.A